Garden Flowers Hollyhock, Alcea rosea Photo, characteristics and description, cultivation and growing

Garden Flowers Hollyhock

Latin name: Alcea rosea

Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo; white
Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo; burgundy
Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo; red
Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo; black
Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo; pink
Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo; yellow

Garden Flowers Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

shelter in winterrequires shelter
method of cultivationnon seedlings
frost resistancefrost resistance
cold hardiness zone4 (-34 to -29°C), 5 (-29 to -23°C), 6 (-23 to -18°C), 7 (-18 to -12°C), 8 (-12 to -7°C), 9 (-7 to -1°C)
light needsfull sun
water needsmoderate
soil typesandy loam soil, loamy soil
soil acidityneutral soil

Hollyhock characteristics and description:

landscape useflowerbed, specimen, border
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
flower sizelarge
fragrant flowerno fragrance
height of plant (cm)higher 100 cm
timing of floweringautumn, august, july
flower colorburgundy, black, pink, yellow, red, white
type of stemerect

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Characteristics Garden Flowers Hollyhock. Height of plant (cm) higher 100 cm. Type of stem erect. Fragrant flower no fragrance. Flower size large. Shelter in winter requires shelter. Landscape use flowerbed, specimen, border. Flower color burgundy, black, pink, yellow, red, white. Method of cultivation non seedlings. Cold hardiness zone 4 (-34 to -29°C), 5 (-29 to -23°C), 6 (-23 to -18°C), 7 (-18 to -12°C), 8 (-12 to -7°C), 9 (-7 to -1°C). Timing of flowering autumn, august, july. Light needs full sun. Water needs moderate. Lifetime biennial. Not poisonous plant. Sandy loam soil, loamy soil. Neutral soil. Frost resistance.













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