Kipor KDT410C (walk-behind tractor) Photo, characteristics and description

Kipor KDT410C (walk-behind tractor)

Kipor KDT410C (walk-behind tractor) Photo

Kipor KDT410C (walk-behind tractor) Photo

Kipor KDT410C characteristics and description:

typewalk-behind tractor
width tillage, min (cm)19.00
width tillage, max (cm)58.00
maximum speed (km/h)9.00
maximum speed back (km/h)1.00
supported attachmentsyes
type compound PTOshaft
engine typediesel
number of cyclesfour-cycle
gearboxspeed manual
presence of reverseyes
the number of cylinders of the engine1.00
number of gears (forward)3.00
number of gears (back)1.00


length (mm)1740.00
width (mm)1740.00
height (mm)1740.00
weight (kg)96.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

motor power (hp)3.81
engine power (kW)2.80

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catalog: cultivator

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Characteristics cultivator Kipor KDT410C. Width tillage, min 19.00 - width tillage, max 58.00 cm. Motor power 3.81 hp. Engine power 2.80 kW. The number of cylinders of the engine 1.00. Number of gears 3.00 forward. Weight 96.00 kg. Number of gears 1.00 back. Gearbox speed manual. Maximum speed back 1.00 km/h. Type walk-behind tractor. Manufacturer Kipor. Class average. Engine type diesel. Type compound PTO shaft. Sizes 1740.00x1740.00x1740.00 . Number of cycles four-cycle. Maximum speed 9.00 km/h.

supported attachments; presence of reverse.












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