Fermer F 140 C (cultivator) Photo, characteristics and description

Fermer F 140 C (cultivator)

Fermer F 140 C (cultivator) Photo

Fermer F 140 C (cultivator) Photo

Fermer F 140 C characteristics and description:

rotation speed, min (rev/min)280.00
rotation speed, max (rev/min)280.00
width tillage, min (cm)36.00
width tillage, max (cm)36.00
depth of cultivation (cm)22.00
supported attachmentsno
engine typeelectric
type of gearworm
presence of reverseno
number of gears (forward)1.00
number of gears (back)0.00


weight (kg)11.20

Efficiency and power consumption:

motor power (hp)1.90
engine power (kW)1.40

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Characteristics cultivator Fermer F 140 C. Rotation speed, min 280.00 - rotation speed, max 280.00 rev/min. Width tillage, min 36.00 - width tillage, max 36.00 cm. The number of cylinders of the engine 0.00. Depth of cultivation 22.00 cm. Motor power 1.90 hp. Engine speed 0.00 rev/min. Engine power 1.40 kW. Number of gears 0.00 back. Number of gears 1.00 forward. Manufacturer Fermer. Weight 11.20 kg. Type cultivator. Engine type electric. Class easy. Type of gear worm. Gearbox single-stage.














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