EFCO MZ 2050R (cultivator) Photo, characteristics and description

EFCO MZ 2050R (cultivator)

EFCO MZ 2050R (cultivator) Photo

EFCO MZ 2050R (cultivator) Photo

EFCO MZ 2050R characteristics and description:

width tillage, min (cm)60.00
width tillage, max (cm)60.00
depth of plowing (cm)31.00
number of cutters included4.00
maximum speed (km/h)7.00
maximum speed back (km/h)3.00
supported attachmentsno
type wheelsof cast rubber
engine typepetrol
number of cyclesfour-cycle
presence of reverseyes
engine manufacturerBriggs and Stratton
the number of cylinders of the engine1.00
displacement (cc)127.00
number of gears (forward)1.00
number of gears (back)1.00


length (mm)800.00
width (mm)800.00
height (mm)800.00
weight (kg)47.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

motor power (hp)4.50
engine power (kW)3.31
engine speed (rev/min)1.00

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Characteristics cultivator EFCO MZ 2050R. Width tillage, min 60.00 - width tillage, max 60.00 cm. Depth of plowing 31.00 cm. Gearbox single-stage. The number of cylinders of the engine 1.00. Displacement 127.00 cc. Type wheels of cast rubber. Engine power 3.31 kW. Class average. Number of gears 1.00 forward. Number of cycles four-cycle. Maximum speed 7.00 km/h. Maximum speed back 3.00 km/h. Weight 47.00 kg. Manufacturer EFCO. Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton. Type cultivator. Engine speed 1.00 rev/min. Engine type petrol. Number of gears 1.00 back. Number of cutters included 4.00. Motor power 4.50 hp. Sizes 800.00x800.00x800.00 .

presence of reverse.










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