Aquarium Floridian Disc, Ricordea florida Photo, characteristics and description, care and growing

Aquarium Floridian Disc

Latin name: Ricordea florida

Aquarium Floridian Disc  (Ricordea florida) Photo; pink
Aquarium Floridian Disc  (Ricordea florida) Photo; blue
Aquarium Floridian Disc  (Ricordea florida) Photo; brown
Aquarium Floridian Disc  (Ricordea florida) Photo; green
Aquarium Floridian Disc  (Ricordea florida) Photo; purple

Aquarium Floridian Disc (Ricordea florida) Photo

care and growing:

temperature of waterno information
care levelno information
compatibility with plantsno information
compatibility with fishesno information
compatibility with marine invertsno information
minimum aquarium sizeno information
type of aquariumno information

Floridian Disc characteristics and description:

color of sea coralno information
speciesno information
maximum heightno information

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Characteristics Floridian Disc. .

catalog: Aquarium Sea Corals

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