Aquarium Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral), Studeriotes Photo, characteristics and description, care and growing

Aquarium Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral)

Latin name: Studeriotes

Aquarium Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral)  (Studeriotes) Photo; white
Aquarium Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral)  (Studeriotes) Photo; brown
Aquarium Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral)  (Studeriotes) Photo; black

Aquarium Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral) (Studeriotes) Photo

care and growing:

temperature of waternear 25°c
care levelmoderate
compatibility with plantscompatible
compatibility with fishescompatible
compatibility with marine invertscompatible
minimum aquarium sizenot less than 100 liters
type of aquariumclosed

Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral) characteristics and description:

color of sea coralblack, brown, white
speciessoft coral
maximum height10-20 cm

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Characteristics Christmas Tree Coral (Medusa Coral). Species soft coral. Minimum aquarium size not less than 100 liters. Care level moderate. Maximum height 10-20 cm. Type of aquarium closed. Compatibility with fishes - compatible. Color of sea coral black, brown, white. Temperature of water near 25°c. Compatibility with marine inverts - compatible. Compatibility with plants - compatible.

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