Aquarium Anubias congensis, Anubias heterophylla, Anubias congensis Photo, characteristics and description, care and growing

Aquarium Plants Anubias congensis (Green)

Latin name: Anubias heterophylla, Anubias congensis

Aquarium Plants Anubias congensis  (Anubias heterophylla, Anubias congensis) Photo; Green

Aquarium Plants Anubias congensis (Anubias heterophylla, Anubias congensis) Photo

care and growing:

care levelModerate
placement in the aquariumMid-Ground, Foreground
minimum aquarium sizeNot Less Than 50 Liters
temperature of waterNear 20°C
light needsDim
soil fertilityMedium

Anubias congensis characteristics and description:

habitatFreshwater Plants
kind of plantPlants
height of plant10-30 Cm
leaf formOval
leaf sizeLarge
form of plantSprawling
leaf colorGreen
type of plantRooting In The Ground

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Characteristics Anubias congensis. Habitat Freshwater Plants. Height of plant 10-30 Cm. Leaf form Oval. Form of plant Sprawling. Leaf size Large. Light needs Dim. Soil fertility Medium. Minimum aquarium size Not Less Than 50 Liters. Temperature of water Near 20°C. Type of plant Rooting In The Ground. Care level Moderate. Leaf color Green. Plants. Placement in the aquarium Mid-Ground, Foreground.

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