Aquarium Asian Filter Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp), Atyopsis moluccensis Photo, characteristics and description, care and growing

Aquarium Asian Filter Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp) (brown)

Latin name: Atyopsis moluccensis

Aquarium Asian Filter Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp)  (Atyopsis moluccensis) Photo; brown

Aquarium Asian Filter Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp) (Atyopsis moluccensis) Photo

care and growing:

care leveleasy
temperature of water27-28°c, near 25°c, near 20°c
compatibility with plantscompatible
compatibility with fishescompatible
minimum aquarium sizenot less than 20 liters
type of aquariumopen, close

Asian Filter Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp) characteristics and description:

maximum size5-10 cm
color of crustaceanbrown

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Characteristics Asian Filter Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp). Species shrimp. Maximum size 5-10 cm. Care level easy. Minimum aquarium size not less than 20 liters. Type of aquarium open, close. Temperature of water 27-28°c, near 25°c, near 20°c. Color of crustacean brown. Compatibility with plants - compatible. Compatibility with fishes - compatible.

catalog: Aquarium Freshwater Crustaceans

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