Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels, Unio pictorum Photo, characteristics and description, care and growing

Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels

Latin name: Unio pictorum

Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels (Unio pictorum) Photo; yellow
Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels (Unio pictorum) Photo; green
Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels (Unio pictorum) Photo; brown

Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels (Unio pictorum) Photo

care and growing:

temperature of waternear 25°c, near 20°c, 15-20°c
type of aquariumclose
care levelmoderate
compatibility with aquatic plantscompatible

Painter's Mussels characteristics and description:

type of snail shellclamshell
maximum size5-10 cm
color of clamyellow, green, brown

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Characteristics Freshwater Clam Painter's Mussels. Maximum size 5-10 cm. Type of snail shell clamshell. Care level moderate. Type of aquarium close. Color of clam yellow, green, brown. Temperature of water near 25°c, near 20°c, 15-20°c. Compatibility with aquatic plants - compatible.

catalog: Aquarium Freshwater Clam

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