Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid, Pseudotropheus zebra Photo, characteristics and description, care and growing

Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid

Latin name: Pseudotropheus zebra

Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus zebra) Photo; Striped
Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus zebra) Photo; Yellow
Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus zebra) Photo; Light Blue
Light Blue
Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus zebra) Photo; White
Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus zebra) Photo; Red

Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus zebra) Photo

care and growing:

care levelEasy
type of aquariumOpen
minimum aquarium sizeNot Less Than 100 Liters
temperature of waterNear 25°C
layers of habitat in the aquariumBottom Layer, Middle Layer
compatibilityAquarium Species
light needsModerate
bottom type in the aquariumPebble

Zebra Cichlid characteristics and description:

length of fish5-10 Cm
color of fishRed, Yellow, Striped, White, Light Blue
habitatFreshwater Fish
body shape of fishElongated

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Characteristics Aquarium Fish Zebra Cichlid. Habitat Freshwater Fish. Body shape of fish Elongated. Length of fish 5-10 Cm. Family Cichlids. Temperament Aggressive. Temperature of water Near 25°C. Minimum aquarium size Not Less Than 100 Liters. Compatibility Aquarium Species. Light needs Moderate. Care level Easy. Type of aquarium Open. Color of fish Red, Yellow, Striped, White, Light Blue. Bottom type in the aquarium Pebble. Layers of habitat in the aquarium Bottom Layer, Middle Layer.

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