buy Forage Radish (10 LBS) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, best price $36.75, Photo and review

buy Forage Radish (10 LBS) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, review, best price $36.75

buy Forage Radish (10 LBS) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, review and Photo, best price $36.75

Forage Radish (10 LBS) Photo

$36.75 buy now!

Forage Radish (10 LBS) characteristics and description, review:

Forage radish is an annual, broadleaf member of the brassica family. Unlike the radishes grown in vegetable gardens, forage radishes produce very large roots and abundant leaf mass. They're also known as "tillage radish" thanks to their large roots that "till" deep into the ground, naturally loosening and aerating the soil. Forage radishes provide excellent forage for wildlife. They also act as a cover crop and green manure.
  • Scientific name: Raphanus sativus 'Groundhog'
  • Seeding Rate: 12 lbs. / Acre

buy Forage Radish (10 LBS) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, review, best price $36.75

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