buy Glass Gem Corn Seeds (100 seeds) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, best price $5.96, Photo and review

buy Glass Gem Corn Seeds (100 seeds) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, review, best price $5.96

buy Glass Gem Corn Seeds (100 seeds) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, review and Photo, best price $5.96

Glass Gem Corn Seeds (100 seeds) Photo

$5.96 buy now!

Glass Gem Corn Seeds (100 seeds) characteristics and description, review:

Glass Gem corn is a marvelous rainbow of translucent color! It is a sweet popcorn that can also be used for flour, gluten free grits, and chicken feed, which makes it a versitile and fun variety to grow. This variety is a perfect way to introduce children to gardening, patience, quality, teamwork, and delayed gratification. Children will be amazed as the colored kernels transform to white after popping! Parents can rest assured that their children will receive only the best popcorn for future family movie nights! Children will squeel with delight when they tell their friends and family, "I grew this," as the movie starts. As with all of our seed products, these seeds are grown in symbiotic communities without added chemicals, so there are no pesticide or fertilizer residues to worry about! To continue that tradition, we recommend starting these seeds in a plant-symbiotic, or "3 sisters" planting, and adding border alfalfa plants to attract ladybugs and other beneficial insects to the planting. Permission to save seeds is implied, with your purchase of this package.
  • 100 USA grown, Non-Gmo seeds
  • Perfect for a 3 Sisters Planting
  • 120 day Multi-Purpose Variety
  • Right to Save Seed is Implied With Purchase!
  • Grown in symbiosis with plants, animals, fungi, and beneficial bacteria

buy Glass Gem Corn Seeds (100 seeds) now, new 2018-2017 bestseller, review, best price $5.96

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